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Terrorists have taken over the city!

Find the bombs, rescue hostages and take out the hostiles!

Soundtrack by AcidicVoid

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Tagsartgame, Cute, First-Person, Short, Singleplayer


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I originally commented on Bombenalarm about a year ago, asking if I could use the game as an example in a tutorial guide I was creating for the Raycasting Game Maker. The tutorial never became a video series like I originally planned, but today I just completed a guidebook version and posted it to my Itch page. Your game was featured in several screenshots and video examples that were bundled with the PDF guide, so I wanted to make sure you knew.

Bombenalarm was by far the most unique game I've seen made with RGM. Thank you again for letting me include it.

Here's a link to the finished guide: https://filmgamerj.itch.io/guide-to-raycasting-game-maker

Very cool, completely forgot about this. Just took a look at it and it really seem to be THE ultimate guide to this engine, hope it will be useful for people wanting to start developing with RGM :) That car park hidden door is a funny idea by the way, love to see unusual ideas like this!

I just noted the texts under figure 93 - 101 see to be wrong, it's always "Hellwomb" and "Cornflakestein", but they clearly show other stuff.

Oh dang. Thank you for catching that. I swore I caught all of those as I was proof-reading the credits.


Looks like it was the two last screenshots for Fuzomite that I forgot to retitle. I did use Templar and Cornflakestein a lot, so I ended up copy/pasting their titles around as I added new screenshots to then rename them in the next draft.

Anyways, really glad you liked my tips and tricks section, I tried to put some serious thought into unique ideas.

Pretty original for a RGM game! Great work!

Uneven level design, but intense music and charming graphics make this a good time.

I'm putting together a tutorial to teach all of the ins and outs of the Raycasting Game Maker, and I wanted to ask if I could use your game as a visual reference?

I'm creating both a written tutorial, and a video version.

Sure, if you think this is good enough for a tutorial, use whatever you want from it :)

Thanks so much!

Honestly, this game is great.

Compared to a lot of the other RGM games I've played, you really thought outside the box. No other game ive played had a level take place on a train. No other game so far has had the entrance also be the exit that you have to double-back to.  And no one else has made the treasures serve as citizens you have to rescue. 

These are all really clever ideas. 


Made a video


Very cool, thank you :)

Very impressed with what you managed to do here with your entry. Fun little game. Well done!

Thank you!

soon as i open it, it takes me to cmd. is that intentional?

Sorry for the late reply, but what exactly happens?


the way you made the pixels look like claymation in action is really impressive, especially in 7 days. This is one to look out for, great work!

Thank you!

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Lol, what's up with that other guy. This game has brilliantly unique graphics which makes it stand apart from everything else in the jam.

The difficulty is also probably the most fine-tuned out of all the ones I've tried so far, not too hard, nor too easy.

lol I mean yeah, the controls ARE crappy, as basically in every RGM game, and I have to agree, the animations did not turn out as good as I hoped (and I did not have enough time to make new ones), but what the hell. This also seems to be his one and only comment, did he register just for this?


No, I've used this site for a while now. I guess I was expecting something more out of this. 


ok my mistake, I did read "registered 58 hours ago", but it says "registered 58 days ago" lol

After watching a few gameplay videos, I really have to admit the levels seem to be pretty confusing, people run around aimlessly and it's not really clear where to go and that you have to collect the bomb and then return to the exit etc.

Of course one reason was the tight time schedule of the Jam, I never participated in one and so I wasted most time to make the resources (which mainly didn't turn out how I imagined).


Sorry but this is a garbage game, slow clunky controls, garbage animation that does not suit the supposed era. terrible level design.